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  • Rs 4,995
    Fest Diamond Blur Grey 1  Duvet Cover
    Fest Diamond Blur Grey 1 Duvet Cover

    Rs 4,995

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Fest collection at Maspar

The Fest collection at Maspar is to die for. It brings a touch of everyday elegance to our home décor. Explore our fresh new range of bed sheets, bed covers, Dohar and quilts this season.

The Bed Sheet Broken Waves Black Colorway brings a rejuvenating freshness to your bedroom. It is also available in blue green and red . The Bed Sheet Diamond Blur Grey Colorway combines innovative designs with exciting patterns.

The Bed sheet Lace Chakra Blue Colorway captures the essence of nature . it comes in brown and pink as well. Reinvent your style with Bed Sheet Park Floral Green Colorway. It comes in  an enticing purple as well.

The Dohar Lace Chakra Blue Colorway is reminiscent of the sea .  light and comfortable it will give you a dreamless sleep. It is available in a chocolate brown as well.
The Duvet Cover Diamond Blur Brown Colorway echoes the bed sheets described above.  It is available in green  and blue.

The Quilt Broken Waves Blue Colorway  will add a new freshness to your bedroom décor while combining style with comfort. It comes in a vibrant red variation. The Quilt Lace Chakra Blue Colorway  is serene and soothing .It comes in in attractive pink and brown as well.

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