Redecorate your room and give it the Vintage ambience

Nothing makes your home more soothing than the calming feel of the bygone era. Magnificent, luxurious, classy and glamorous; only vintage décor can be all of it at the same time. There is something about the vintage vibe that fascinates all! Captivating intricate patterns sparling with the sheen of luxury is what the Vintage label is all about. Vintage décor is an escape for people who look for elegance combined with comfort. maspar vintage labelis one of the best ways to flatter your room and give it the best makeover. Let’s take you through the collection.

1 Best sheets:

The vintage bed sheets stand true to their name. The delicate patterns and soft colors add the vintage ambiance to your home décor. The bed sheets are made of 100% cotton which gives you the ultimate comfort that you need after a long day of working hard.

2 Cushion covers:

From plain whites to bright subtle colors, you will find the right shade to compliment your couch. You are definite to find something you love as the cushions come in different sizes and also the latest trend. Whether you like embroidery or ruffles, you will find it all here.

3 Quilts and duvets:

The quilts and duvets come in singles and sets.  The vintage label has upper coverings according to everyone’s preference; whether you want it for summer or the cold winter night or if you want it for a single person or your family. The quilts and duvets have been very carefully designed keeping in mind the comforts of the customer.
The soft fabric helps in giving you a good night sleep that everyone craves for!

4 Towel and towel sets:

The finest quality of towels with soothing colors and alluring details to give you a luxury bathroom experience.  The towels are lightweight; soft and made of 100% cotton to protect your skin and not be too harsh on it.

5 Blankets:


A thin sheet isn’t enough when you are living in a cold region and you need a warn cover to sleep tight. Our minimalistic blankets are your savior. Made of superfine 400TC cotton and viscose, our blankets provide you the perfect combination of warmth and comfort.

6 Duvet covers:

Revamp your old beds and duvets by giving them a beautiful cover. The duvet covers will totally change the way your old décor looked. You will find them in soft solid colors and delicate patterns. Duvet covers work as bedcovers during the day.

7 Pillow shams and cases:

Are you someone who enjoys a beautiful heap of pillows on your bed? Or do you require more than one pillow under your head when you sleep? Add the perfect vintage vibe to your room with our pillow shams and cases. Compliment your bed sheets with matching pillow shams and cases and experience the beautiful aura of luxury décor.

Shop our collection here and experience the vintage era in your own home.

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