4 Must-Have Bed Sheets for Every Bedroom

A majority of people refuse to acknowledge the importance of good bed sheets in home decor and interior decoration. But, did you know bed sheets can pull the look of your whole room together? If you want to invest in good quality single and double bed sheets, get started with these four types and colors of sheets.


Over 50 shades of grey are available but your bed linen collection still doesn’t have one? If you’re like most people and find grey too gloomy or murky for your bedroom, listen up. Grey is a classic color that’s associated with sophistication and elegance. If the right shades of grey are chosen, they can work in your favor. For example, pleasant shades of grey can easily give your room a chic and fresh makeover.

Grey is also a great choice when you wish to experiment with basic colors but white or black just isn’t your thing. It definitely adds a unique accent to the room when mixed and matched with other colors.

Going wrong with grey is not easy, meaning you have the freedom to go for it whether the rest of your room is neutral or has a mix of colors. At Maspar, you can find the best bed sheets in all flattering shades of grey.


White bed linen adds sharpness to your decor. White, being a highly versatile color, goes with any and every color. This gives you the scope to experiment and mix and match. You may just keep the bed sheets white and throw in a mix of colors or patterns.

A unique pattern or an eye-catching color with white linen can instantly switch the look of your room. You do not always have to go for awfully bland or plain white bed sheets. Even a white bed sheet with bold, bright or metallic accents will do the trick.

Dark Colors

Dark colors might not always suit your mood or style but they add a very cosy and warm element. Darker shades of blue, green, brown, black and even red add a bold, strong and mature vibe to the bedroom. If your room is not too small, mix and match two darker colors – like blue and black; this will help you create a monochrome look.


Patterns on bed linen can work wonderfully in your favor but, again, choose your patterns with care. Patterns that are too large or busy in appearance may clash with the furniture and give your room an uncoordinated look. Also, large prints will make your room look smaller. The solution? Always pick a timeless, sophisticated pattern; for example, vintage polka dots, floral trail, paisleys etc. The key here is to balance the overall look.

Whether you keep the rest of your room neutral or add a blindingly bright color, make sure you keep the overall look balanced and understated. Also, make sure every single item is not patterned. Pairing a patterned duvet with a solid bed sheet is the way to go.

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