5 Premium Duvet Covers and Duvet Sets for an Elegant Room

The paint on your walls, the fixtures and furniture contribute to creating an aesthetically appealing home. But, soft the furnishings bind the overall look together. In fact, soft furnishings help you make your house a home. Duvets, duvet sets and duvet covers are an important part of home furnishings if one is aiming for a premium, luxurious and lavish look. Taking care of your premium duvets is important; not just because they are expensive, also because they help you get a sound sleep at night. Let’s learn how to show duvet sets and covers some love so that we can feel their cosy hug every night.

What is a Duvet?

Before going any further you need to understand what a duvet exactly is. In the simplest words possible, a duvet is a type of blanket. But, it’s not an ordinary one. This soft and fluffy blanket appears like a large bag and is often filled with feathers, silk, wool, or polyfill. The filling, of course, impacts the warmth.

What is a Duvet Cover?

Now that you know what a duvet is, let’s explore what a duvet cover is and why you need it with your premium bedding. Duvets can be pretty expensive and cleaning them every now and then is not feasible. So, these covers protect the duvets from external damage and add to the aesthetic appeal.

The cover should fit the duvet like a glove so that it not only looks good but is also pretty easy to manage. It also lets you change the style of your room without having to change anything else. You definitely have the option of changing the cover as per the season or occasion.

Here are top 5 elegant duvet covers and sets by maspar that we highly recommend:

Hannah White Duvet Cover

This all-white duvet cover is available for the double as well as king size bed. Made with 100% cotton, this cover adds a pristine look to the room. It matches every style of home decor well and is pretty versatile for all seasons.

Myriad Print Red 7 Pcs Duvet Cover Set

This collection of intricate ikat patterns, utopian weaves and delicate satin will redefine your definition of luxury. Apt for the king size bed, the entire set is made with 100% cotton. You get 1 duvet cover with 2 pillowcases, 1 bedsheet with 2 pillowcases and 1 cushion cover in this set.

Modley Lines Red Duvet Cover

With this duvet cover, you can add a fun but soft touch to the room, thanks to its striped print. Whether you own a single bed, a double bed or a king size bed, this option is best for you. The unique combination of stripes, plaid and colors can perk up any boring room in minutes.

Reversible Percale Pink Duvet Cover

Imagine getting two eccentric duvets for the price of one! This reversible cover has a unique color on each side and lets you use either side. These beautiful shades sync well with light as well as dark theme.

Waltz Green Duvet Cover And Pillow Case

Attention to detail and neat finish along with discreet, high-quality zipper are a few features that make Maspar duvets a class apart. This duvet and pillowcase combo add freshness and color to any room. If you love to play with colors but in the right dose, you need to pick this one.

Home decorating enthusiasts love increasing the aesthetic appeal of their homes. Hence, their rooms always look and feel better. If you love textiles and decoration, investing in soft furnishings such as duvet covers and sets is an excellent idea. Visit maspar to explore the most amazing duvet cover sets online in India.

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