5 Best Tips to Remember when Buying a Quilt

Quilts have undeniably become an important part of our furnishings and decor. And of course, they serve the vital function of keeping us warm. In order to find the most perfect quilt as per your needs and liking you must keep certain tips in mind. Keep reading to find out which tips can lead you to the most durable, functional and stylish quilts.


The size of your quilt can make or mar your experience. Keep the size of your bed as well as your needs in mind while picking a quilt. Ideally, you must know the dimensions of your bed while buying a quilt. If that’s not feasible, maspar.com offers quilts in three standard sizes: small, single and double. One may pick any according to the size of their bed and number of people sharing it.

Right Design

Quilts and quilt sets come in various designs these days. One can easily find various designs and prints in a vast range of color options. From solids to paisleys to plaids and ikat, the choices are unlimited. But, you must keep certain factors in mind. Make sure the designs match the rest of the furnishings and decor of your room. Also, if you’re high on fashion, make sure you buy classic designs that will never go out of fashion.

Material Matters

A quilt’s basic function is to keep one’s body warm and cosy in winters. So, the fabric you pick needs to be apt for the season. Silk, flannel, cotton blends, cotton and other synthetic materials are quite popular these days. If you cannot decide which one to pick, go for the cotton ones as they will keep you warm without irritating your skin. These are also pretty lightweight and look elegant too.

Other Features

A majority of premium quilts are high-maintenance, which is a bummer. But maspar quilts and quilt sets are easy to maintain; they can be washed in a washing machine and dried in a dryer. Apart from this, one must keep the quality in mind – a feature you do not have to worry about when buying from maspar; the color won’t fade and all the wash care instructions can be found on the label.


The size count of your quilts matters based on your location and weather. If you experience chilly weather in your area, always go for the thicker quilts; if the winter in your area is more crisp than biting, prefer lighter, softer quilts. The season will also affect your color choices. Pick brighter colors if you’d like to perk up your mood in gloomy winters and darker hues if want to create winter vibes. Various soft furnishings may be mixed and matched to give the bedroom a new look every now and then.

These tips will definitely give you an upper hand during quilt shopping. The nip in the air is already here and maspar is offering a perfect variety of modish and functional quilts. So, what are you waiting for? Shop at maspar now!

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