Tricks to Keep Your Bath Towels Soft and Fluffy

A cosy hug from our bath towel right after a shower makes our day. But sadly, lack of care can easily turn even the best bath towels rough and scratchy. If your towels too have become the epitome of roughness or you just want to preserve your new towels, here are some must-know tricks for you.

1. Use Warm Water to Wash Towels

Warm water is the key to soft, fluffy and clean towels. Warm water not only targets tough stains but helps dissolve detergent as well. As a result, you are left with super soft and super clean towels. If you have some extra time in hand, soak your towels in warm water before the wash. It will also help detergent work its magic.

2. Add Baking Soda to Your Laundry Detergent

An addition of just half a cup of baking soda to your laundry can reap visible results. Baking soda softens the towels and helps remove tough stains as well as harsh detergents from the fibers. This trick removes smell too, leaving your towels as good and fresh as new.

3. Only Wash 2-3 Towels during Each Load

Towels might seem unimpeachable but they require a lot of effort in washing. While washing in a machine, try not to add more than three towels at a time. Why? Well, too many towels can easily reduce the washing power and results of your washer. Keep the laundry load light so that each towel gets ample attention.

4. Wash Towels with White Vinegar Every 6 Weeks

White vinegar can prove to be a blessing for your dirty, crusty towels. Take a few cups of vinegar and add to your washing cycle. This trick helps remove stubborn build up, such as oils, dirt, easily and perfectly. To avoid the deterioration of the fabric make sure you do this every six weeks, not more frequently than that. Vinegar also makes towels fluffier, more absorbent and fresh. This trick is beneficial for bathroom hand towels too as they tend to develop smell frequently.

5. Skip the Fabric Softener

Fabric softeners might seem apt and necessary for towels but they are not. These softeners might temporarily soften the fibres of your towels, but they reduce the ability to absorb water too. As a result, your towels eventually become stiff and crusty. They also make your towels lock in more smell than ever, leaving them with that mildew smell.

6. Tumble Dry Your Towels

Did you know tumble drying can keep your towels super soft and fluffy? Here is a genius trick often used by hotels – just pop in a little tennis ball along with the towels. Now, tumble dry at low heat and you will get fluffy and soft towels.

You must shake out the towels a bit and then add to the dryer. It will loosen up the fibres and make them soft, fluffy and cosy. If you do not have the access to a washing machine or a dryer, line drying them outside will help.

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