Cotton is probably the first choice of material when we think about getting good bedding sets. But did you know that there are a variety of cotton bed sheets available in the market? And among all of them, Egyptian cotton bed sheets are highly preferred. 

Ever wonder what is the real value of an Egyptian cotton bed sheet? And why is it far superior to your regular bed sheet? Well, there are plenty of reasons. While Egypt is among the top producers of cotton, it also produces the best quality cotton. In this blog post, we will discuss the value of Egyptian cotton and how it stands out from the rest.

Difference between Egyptian Cotton and Regular Cotton

Let’s first understand the difference between Egyptian cotton and regular cotton. Apart from their origin, there are minute differences that create an amazing difference in quality as well. 

  1. Egyptian cotton is handpicked while regular cotton is harvested by machines. This may seem like a small difference in the harvesting process but it’s actually the most crucial step. The process of handpicking ensures that the cotton balls are delicately handled. On the other hand, machine-processed cotton comes out to be weaker and hence, has a coarser texture. 
  2. Egyptian cotton has a smaller diameter than regular cotton. This allows more thread count per inch, making the cotton bed sheet way softer with a refined texture. 
  3. Egyptian cotton is stronger because of the origin and harvesting process. It also has much better durability than regular cotton. 
  4. Egyptian cotton yarn is much more porous because of the fine quality of the fibers. This makes the fabric much more absorbent which is beneficial in the dying process. This makes the colors vibrant and much more long-lasting. Towels made of Egyptian cotton are also way more effective when it comes to absorbing water. 

The Value of Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets

After understanding the main differences between Egyptian cotton and regular cotton, you can estimate where the quality comes from. Here are countless benefits of Egyptian cotton bed sheets and why you must invest in them. 

Higher Thread Count

Thread count is a valuable factor when it comes to understanding the quality of fabric and a bedsheet. When we think about thread count, we basically understand how many threads went into creating a single inch of the sheet. The greater the thread count, the greater the quality of the sheet. Since Egyptian cotton fibers have much less diameter, you will understand that the thread count is easily higher. 

Longest Cotton Staples

A cotton staple describes the length of the cotton fibers. The longer the staples, the more durable the fabric. As of now, Egyptian cotton is renowned to have the longest cotton staples compared to other fabrics. The longer staples allow for better spinning of yarn, creating softer and stronger fabrics. 

Extremely Breathable

Are you someone who suffers from night sweats or finds your bed sheet suffocating? The breathability of a bedsheet is super important for better sleep. It is also extremely important when the weather is hot or humid. Greater breathability allows air to pass freely through the fabric, transferring heat and sweat away from the body. This results in better sleep at night. 

The fine and thin quality of Egyptian cotton creates excellent cotton bed sheets that are a must-have for the summer. 

Durable and Long-lasting

As we have already discussed, the durability of the fabric is maintained due to the process of handpicking. Egyptian cotton is created in the most delicate manner, making them last for years if properly taken care of. The weaving is tight and the fine texture makes the cotton bed sheet last for way longer than your regular bed sheet. Sheets must be washed weekly to remove dust that can break the fiber and make the cotton bed sheets wear out faster. 

Zero Pilling

You might have often noticed the problem of pilling in cotton sheets. Pilling not only looks like a ruckus but also makes your bedsheet uncomfortable and itchy. This is often a result of low quality and breakage of fibers. However, with Egyptian cotton bed sheets, you will never notice the problem of pilling. This is obviously due to the fine weaving techniques and the high quality of Egyptian cotton.

Explore Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets by Maspar

Visit Maspar to find 100% Egyptian cotton bed sheets with ultra-soft textures. Soft as cashmere and stronger than linen, these bed sheets are a must-have for every season. Not only do you get the most exquisite and luxurious feel on your bed, but also the most heavenly sleep possible. Buying an Egyptian cotton bed sheet is not just to feel a taste of royalty, but rather, it is a smart investment. An Egyptian cotton bed sheet ensures extreme durability and better sleep cycles.

Maspar offers you the most premium quality soothing colors and prints. Explore today to revamp your bedroom into a paradise!

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