How To Make Your Towels Last Longer: 7 Tips For Every Home

How To Make Your Towels Last Longer: 7 Tips For Every Home

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No one likes dealing with moldy towels. The musty smell, the patchy stains, and the thought of legions of tiny fungi living on your bath linen are enough to make even the cleanest person cringe. On the other hand, nothing can beat the joy of a soft, fresh-smelling towel. So what can you do to increase the durability of your towels and keep them fresh for long? Here are 7 tips that every homeowner must do!

1.Dry up your towel after every use

As you order brand new towels online, you decide to use them for long. You imagine that you will have beautiful smelling towels every day. But that won’t be possible if you keep them lying around after your baths. Humidity can make your towels smelly and musty easily. Make sure that you dry your towels after every usage to maintain the freshness for longer. At the same time, you must be careful that you do not keep them in the sun for long periods. Too much sun exposure can cause pills on the towels and make them prone to discoloration.

2. Avoid washing your towels with other clothes

You must always wash your towels along with other towels in small batches. If you wash your towels with other clothes, it can cause them to rub against each other. This will lead to damage in both sides, including towels as well as the clothes. 

Wash only two or three towels at a time so that there is better circulation of the detergent in the washing machine. Similarly, you must not overload your drying machine either. Better circulation of air keeps the towels fluffy and soft. This simple tip can keep your towels online soft for long.

3. Use vinegar to clean your towels 

You might have noticed how towels get harder and coarser with every wash over time. This is because of detergent build-up that obstructs the fibers and destroys the fluffiness. No matter which brand you choose to purchase towels online, you will be disappointed with this result. 

Need a simple solution to this? Use vinegar. Yes, this kitchen essential is quite a miracle product for many things. Occasionally, you can add one cup of white vinegar with lukewarm to your wash cycle. This is the best hack to remove the chemical buildup and increase the absorbent quality of your towels. It helps to keep your towels stay fluffy for long.

4. Eliminate odor with baking soda

The problem of musty odor in towels has been a constant problem. It can be caused if you keep your towel in the gym bag for long hours or forgot to dry them up sometime. One simple solution for this is to use baking soda along with your detergent. Just add half a cup of baking soda to your washing cycle and the odor will wear off. 

5. Avoid usage of fabric softener

Fabric softener has been quite normalized in today’s time as an external conditioning agent for clothes. However, it may have quite a contradicting effect on towels. After too many uses of the fabric softener, you will notice a coarser texture and reduced absorbency that is difficult to remove. This is because of the chemical buildup that comes with softeners. That’s why it’s best to keep the usage of such products minimal. 

6. Do not iron your towels

Since drying up the towel is such a necessity, many of you might be tempted to iron your towels once in a while. However, you must never iron your towels under any circumstances. Pressing your towels will lead the fibers to stiffen up and make the texture coarse. 

7. Wash your towels every 3 days

Washing and drying your towels frequently is a must to keep them long-lasting. Keep the frequency to washing them once in three days for the best results. Towel maintenance can be a hectic task. That’s why we recommend you to get towels online and keep good stock to fulfill your needs.

Towels are among the most essential part of your daily routine. You need them every bath, and even more, if you visit the gym or do regular exercise. Hand towels and face towels also follow the same care regime as the above points. 

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