Guide To Perfect AC Quilt Stay Cool and Cozy All Summer Long

Guide To Perfect AC Quilt Stay Cool and Cozy All Summer Long

Are you someone who loves being curled up in a blanket no matter what the weather is? If yes then having the right bedding elements, especially an Ac quilt is a must-have. Quilts are an absolute necessity in every household. Having the right set of quilts according to the season becomes mandatory for ensuring comfort level while sleeping and maintaining the room’s ambience. 

As the summer weather is in full swing, you might be looking for a thin and lightweight blanket to maintain your body temperature even if you sleep in an air-conditioned room. Contrary to popular belief, increasing the AC temperature and snuggling under a cosy comforter or cool blanket is the best way to call it a night after a stressful day of hard work. 

With numerous options available in the market, selecting the right pair of quilts online can be overwhelming. Maspar takes pride in offering stylish and exceptionally comfortable blankets that are crafted with varieties of materials and are available in several designs. Keep reading to find out more. 

Cosy Up in Style: How to Choose the Right AC Quilt for Your Home? 


Temperature is the key factor to follow when it comes to buying the right ac quilts online. To ensure the warmth factor while sleeping with Ac on, opt for thicker blankets as they keep the body’s temperature balanced. If you are buying quilts for cooler weather, you can choose to layer them up using a blanket and a quilt. The quilt with the right temperature will keep you warm even if you blast your ac at 18 degrees or when the weather unfolds with a drop in the temperature. 

Aesthetics and Design 

There’s no second thought to the fact that when it comes to the aesthetics of the bed and the range of options available in the market. With a wide assortment of colors, designs and patterns, choose a quilt design that aligns with your room and the walls. Additionally, you have the option to choose quilt prints matching that of your bed sheet and pillow cover. Choose colors that can instantly lift the mood and help to bring good vibes into your space. 

Material & Fabric 

It is also important to consider the fabric and material of the quilt as it directly comes in contact with your skin. Before investing in a new quilt, check the weather conditions of your area. This information is crucial in determining the appropriate fabric of the quilt. Also, do check the size measurements for the quilt if it matches your bed size or not. If you are a sucker for premium and cosy quilt then Adore 100% Natural Cotton Filling Summer AC Quilt from Maspar is the perfect choice. It comes in sustainable cotton fabric and is perfect for sleeping in freezing AC temperatures in summer. 


If you are a complete beginner at buying a quilt for your bedroom, always make your purpose clear in mind. For buying AC quilts to use in scorching heat weather, ensure to pick lightweight quilts that are also foldable and easy to wash. For the chilly winter season, go for woollen and heavier blankets that provide the required warmth when it’s chilling outside. For buying AC quilts, cotton is the bestseller choice as it is soft, breathable and easy to maintain. 

Unveiling the Top Summer Quilts by Maspar to Get a Good Night's Sleep 

skyblue_AC Quilt_Maspar

Modern Aesthetic Hexon Summer AC Quilt/Quilted Bed Cover/Comforter Blue

Modern Aesthetic Hexon Summer AC Quilt

This one is an exquisite summer AC quilt by Maspar that has a lot to offer. This remarkable piece embodies skin-friendly fabric and is extremely cosy. The filling is wadded using a non-woven fabric, ensuring that the fibre does not shift or accumulate after multiple washes. Its fabric is 100% cotton outside and 100% polyester outside. You can machine wash the bedsheet and can also use it as a quilted bed cover. 

Adore 100% Natural Cotton Filling Summer AC Quilt

This one in dark red color is for those who love intense and warm colors. This warm and cosy AC quilt is for those who love to sleep curled up in freezing AC temperatures. It is made of mélange yarn, luxurious Egyptian cotton, which is very popular for its attractive and unique appearance, makes the quilt look very rich and extra smooth and can be used from either side. It is made with cotton from the outside and filled with polyester inside, the AC quilt is ideal for cool summer nights. 

Adore 100% Natural Cotton Filling Summer AC Quilt/Quilted Bed Cover

You can never go wrong with neutral-colored bedding that adds a subtle touch to the whole room. These warm and cosy quilts are designed with a yarn-dyed stripe front and a plaid back, creating a beautiful melange effect. Its fabric is crafted with luxurious Egyptian cotton and mélange yarn and flaunts an attractive and unique appearance. The exterior is made of 100% cotton, while the inner filling consists of 100% polyester. Furthermore, these quilts are machine washable, making maintenance a cakewalk.

Wrapping up 

AC quilts are the ultimate solution for maintaining the comfort level in air-conditioned rooms during the summer season. Maspar offers cosy and comfy AC quilts without compromising on the comfort level in the hottest weather conditions. To ensure the utmost satisfaction, we highly recommend purchasing summer bedding made from breathable fabrics such as organic cotton and polyester. To make your buying decision smooth, you can take inspiration from this comprehensive guide and seize the opportunity to acquire a cool, comfortable, and lightweight summer blanket that will surpass your expectations.